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Fiori: Lots of questions

Wenn Sie hier auf der Seite gelandet sind, erwarten Sie bestimmt keine Erklärung zu SAP Fiori UX. Denn höchstwahrscheinlich wissen Sie schon, was es damit auf sich hat. Andernfalls können Sie sich bei SAP einen Überblick verschaffen oder unsere Einleitung zu SAP Fiori Anwendungsentwicklung dazu lesen. Um Ihnen direkt ein Beispiel für eine Self-Service App zu geben, ist auf dem rechten Bild ein Ausschnitt unserer Bonus App zu sehen.

But you may expect answers to questions like, what do I have to do to migrate my existing self-services to SAP Fiori?

What do I have to pay attention to? What changes in the processes and in customizing? Where do I have to make any adjustments?

Which apps are available from SAP and which functions do they provide?

Where else do I have a gap that I may have to fill with my development and what does it cost me?

How long will a project take?

Unsere Bonus App
Our bonus app
Ein Einblick in unsere A1-App
Unsere A1 Bescheinigung App als SAP Self-Service ist ein weiteres Beispiel für eine Firoi Self-Service App

Fiori: Green Field

You may not even have self-service and wonder if the -SAP Fiori HCM Self-Services is right for you.

Then, of course, you have to know which version you should use.

Do you want to go to the cloud or build an on-premise landscape?

Or should you prefer to rely on SAP SuccessFactors?

And what about the SAP Enterprise Portal?

Maybe you also have an SAP portal in use and ask yourself how to handle it. Where do I "deploy" the SAP Fiori Launchpad? Should I use the SAP Cloud Portal?

Maybe you also want to replace the SAP Portal to reduce costs and wonder if and how this can work?

For all these and many other questions, we have the right answers for you.

We work with you to develop a way to migrate your self-services and then implement them.

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We are the experts in:

  • Introduction of SAP Fiori Self-Services
  • Migration of HCM Self-Services to SAP Fiori
  • Replacement or further development of your self-service portal


Be it the migration of HCM self-services to SAP Fiori or the implementation of modules like ESS/MSS: We as HR technology experts are your point of contact to overcome any HR-Challenge. Because of our longstanding expertise we’ll develop innovative Solutions keeping your individual needs in mind. Our services include the following:


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