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As you probably know, SAP Fiori is not just a technology but a user experience. In addition to technologies such as SAPUI5, OData, Fiori Elements, etc., SAP Fiori also includes design principles and guidelines, as well as tools such as SAP Build, SAP Web IDE and SDKs for the development of mobile applications.

So if you have developed an app in SAPUI5, but the Fiori Design Guidelines and principles are not followed, then this app is not a Fiori app. An example of a Fiori app is our A1 form app, which has been developed according to the Fiori Design Guidelines.

This is often the big difference between self-developed apps and the apps delivered by SAP. All SAP Fiori apps are in accordance with the Fiori design principles. As a customer, you can be sure that the apps all follow the same guidelines and are therefore always consistent in operation and display for employees.

Our UX experts can show you how to use the Fiori UX in application development to develop ergonomic and user-friendly apps.

We know the specifications of SAP and develop apps for you according to the SAP Fiori UX, from simple to complex applications, for mobile devices as well as for the desktop. Of course, we also develop hybrid apps that can access the native functions of mobile devices such as cameras or GPS via the Fiori client, or create offline apps.

Agile SAP Fiori UX application development

We’re not limited to industries when it comes to application development. Our core specialist areas are human resources and logistics.

We deploy an agile approach during development. For more complex apps and problems, we will find the best solution with you in the Design Thinking approach.

We also help you migrate existing apps or legacy apps to Fiori UX.

Besides, we support you in the onboarding of your Fiori developers to the SAP Business Technology Platform (fmr. SAP Cloud Platform) and work with you to develop and implement DevOps.

We help you transform from on-premise Fiori application development to cloud-native application development on the SAP Business Technology Platform (fmr. SAP Cloud Platform). Here are some points to keep in mind. From the skills you need to the structure of a continuous delivery pipeline to choosing the right toolchain.

Among our self-service apps you will find some examples of SAP Fiori apps that are successfully used by customers.

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We are the experts in

  • New development of SAP Fiori Apps according to Fiori UX. From simple to complex apps.
  • Migration of existing applications to SAP Fiori UX
  • Extension of SAP Fiori Standard Apps
  • Implementation of the Fiori UX
  • Onboarding SAP Business Technology Platform (fmr. SAP Cloud Platform)
  • Implementation of DevOps measures

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