Organize your employees’ vacation even easier with our innovative Self-Service App. Get a clear overview of your employees’ vacation requests and possible collisions. Nothing changes for your employees when it comes to applying for vacation.


Urlaubsplanung ist nicht immer eine einfache Aufgabe. Dabei wollen wir Ihnen helfen.
Planning holidays as a team is not always an easy task. We want to help you with that.

Vacation planning app as a Self-Service: Keep an overview

As SAP HR experts, we have developed a new and innovative self-service app that gives every manager or HR employee an overview of their employees’ annual vacation planning. Additionally, if necessary, he can also edit them.

If an employee has planned his or her vacation and submitted an application, the manager can see it and all other vacation applications of his team at a glance in the app. In this way, overlaps and shift options become clear.

For this purpose, as in our other self-service apps, we use Fiori UX technology from SAP, which is based on the Fiori Design Principles (external link to SAP). This makes it easy to integrate this app into your existing self-service portal.

Plan your vacation very easily in the Self-Service app: From the employee's point of view

So that the integration effort of the app remains as low as possible, nothing changes for your employees. The vacation application can be submitted as usual via the standard SAP app to apply for absences (external link to SAP).

Answering vacation requests: From the manager's point of view

To make managing vacation requests an easy task, we designed our Self-Service app so that approving or rejecting requests is just a few clicks away. 

If there is a vacation request, it only needs to be clicked on and then accepted or rejected. 

Another feature enables you to add a note to a vacation request, for example, to suggest an alternative period. The results are displayed to the employees in your app. For rejected applications, a new application for an alternative period can be made. 

Vacation Planning App: a little insight into what to expect

Urlaub im Team planen: Haben Sie alle Urlaubsanträge und Überschneidungen im Überblick
Plan holidays in the team: Have an overview of all holiday requests and overlaps
Urlaubsanträge im Blick behalten: Mit einem Klick einen Urlaubsantrag genehmigen oder ablehnen
Keep an eye on holiday requests: Approve or reject a leave request with one click.
Nur noch die Eingabe bestätigen und Sie haben den Urlaub ihres Mitarbeiters genehmigt
Just confirm the entry and you have approved your employee's leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your employees, nothing changes in the course of vacation planning. The vacation application can be submitted as usual via the standard SAP app to apply for absences.

As with planning your vacation, nothing changes in the vacation planning process for your employees. The vacation application can be submitted as usual via the standard SAP-app.

Overlaps with other colleagues are highlighted so that you can keep track of all vacation requests. 

That depends entirely on your project or company and the number of employees. With the help of our Self Service App, you as a manager can keep track of overlaps and alternatives.

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