Reward your employees immediately for their good work! Our innovative self-service app ensures more satisfaction in your company without any additional work for the HR department.


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Bonus for your employees: Reward good work

If your executives or department heads are looking for a way to reward your employees for good work, then our bonus app is just the thing.

In cooperation with a long-standing customer, we, the SAP HR experts at ROOS IT, have developed a self-service app that allows managers and department heads to directly send their employees smaller amounts of money as a bonus payment along with a personal message. For example, reward the employee with a bonus for their good work, a successfully completed project or an anniversary.

Bonus payment for your employees without any additional work

Bonus payments through our bonus app do not cause any additional work in your HR department. The process up to the payroll runs without interaction with the HR department. In this way, you can easily increase employee satisfaction in your company without additional effort.

Studies show that employees are more satisfied

Studies have shown that immediate and ad hoc rewards have a positive effect on employee satisfaction.

Unlike a delayed reward, such as a Christmas bonus, employees receive small amounts of money directly from their department head or their manager. One of our customers was able to increase the employee satisfaction in the company significantly.

Overview: Our self-service application

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Managers and department heads can easily give their employees smaller amounts of money as bonus payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

The foundation of successful companies is employee satisfaction. Studies show that it has a positive influence on employee loyalty, commitment and performance.

Employee satisfaction begins with a feeling of security. The American psychologist Abraham Maslow has already found this out and uses Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Link:

It is important to offer employees proper motivational driver in different life situations. Furthermore, job security and an adequate salary are most important for employee satisfaction.

If the bonus payment is transferred with the monthly salary, this must be taxed. Here the bonus is counted as a one-time wage increase. However, there are also tax-free bonus payments, such as goods and services, on which you can get discounts. This discount can be up to 1080 euros without having to pay taxes or social security contributions.

A bonus payment is either a voluntary additional benefit on the part of the employer or a contractually stipulated bonus that the employer must pay. The bonus is often given based on individual performance or results at work, such as projects.

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