SAP A1-Form - The Self-Service App for Your Employees

Our innovative solution: A self-service app for the A1-form. Your employees can file all relevant data for deployments abroad using their phone – quick, flexible timewise and minimal effort. The stress-free and automated generation of the A1-certificate is our goal.


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Challenge: High expenses for Human Resource Department

The A1-certificate is needed when sending employees to EU countries to validate their social insurance status. Since 01.01.2019 this notification procedure is required to be digitized. The problem: Cost and effort increases for personal departments for having to transmit the data. In particular, the manual recording of said data leads to massive time and personnel expenditure.

Solution: Our Self-Service application

Even though a digitized procedure is now required and analog data transfer is no longer possible there are still many companies lacking a complete, direct and fast process to transfer the data. Therefore many short visits to other EU countries create an enormous bureaucratic overhead, for traveling employees but especially human resource departments.

You know of this Challenge and want to implement an easy process in your SAP landscape with minimal effort? With our help, you will roll out a solution fast and without hassle. Our app reduces your expenses, not only timewise but money as well. To realize this solution, we as HR technology experts together with our longtime customers developed an application as Self-Service where employees file their travel data fast and from anywhere to ensure a timely request and processing.

A1 Bescheinigung: Unsere neue Self Service App minimiert auch Ihren bürokratischen Aufwand
Do you already offer the A1 certificate as a self-service?

Overview: Our Self-Service application

Stress-free input of all relevant data and an automated generation of the A1-certificate is what our Self-Service app is made for. Our solution offers the following features:

  • Collection of all A1-relevant data for foreign assignments by your employees in self-service
  • Automated preparation of the certificate by the respective health insurance companies
  • Browser-based Fiori UX application based on SAP standard technology
  • Provision of the approved certificate to the employee
  • Download of the form or sending to the email address
  • Full integration into your SAP landscape
  • Mobile access to the application in real time
  • Completion of an A1 attestation by employees for other employees
  • Optional: Integration of an approval workflow
Get a first impression of our application:

Our SAP Self-Service app for the A1-certificate in a short demo

A1 Bescheinigung: Ein Einblick in unsere Self Service App
SAP A1 Certificate - The Self-Service App - fast, easy, directly via smartphone

Unsere A1 Self-Service App ist mit allen mobilen Endgeräten kompatibel

Satisfied customers say the following

„Since we integrated ROOS IT Self-Service app, we were able to significantly simplify the processes in connection with A1-certificate in our company. The simple use of the app, acceptance is high among our employees. Clear recommendation!“ Head of IT 

“Due to our employees’ frequent short assignments abroad, the A1-certificate has become a significant part of our HR departments workload. This app meets the requirements of today’s digitized world and has significantly reduced stress on our HR department.” – Head of HR

Frequently asked questions

The A1-certificate is a document which employees historically requested from their respective HR department. The basis for this requirement are EU-Norms (EG) 883/2004 and (EG) 987/2009. The A1-form is to be filed at every visit abroad. The duration of the visit is irrelevant. A general rule is: At every work-related crossing of borders an A1-form needs to be filed.

The A1-certificate serves to inform foreign social agencies which social system is responsible for the visiting employee. With the A1-form social insurance responsibilities are proven. This regulation stops irregular double consumption of social insurance premiums through distinct verification of the relevant country.

In general the A1-form is mandatory during visits in all EU member states as well as EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).

The consequences of failing to provide a valid A1-certificate vary and are not limited to financial downsides. A missing A1-form causes not only frustration for employees but harms the companies’ image in the long run. Additionally, the employee and company can be issued a fine of 1000€ and up to 10000€ in case of noncompliance.

The digital transfer of the A1 form is mandatory for all employers in the EU. For companies whose employees travel abroad frequently this requirement imposes high bureaucratic overhead. The travelling employee as well as the responsible HR department are involved in filling and providing the form. All relevant data is transferred to the social insurance company and the response has to be fed back to the company’s payroll system.

The app is available on the SAP Fiori Frontend Server as well as on the SAP Business Technology Platform (fmr. SAP Cloud Platform).

Our self-service solution addresses the companies’ challenges purposefully. Data is filed and gathered directly via self-service by the employee which unburdens the HR departments’ workload. The collected data is used to generate the correct form to be send to social insurance company. The advantages at a glance:

  • Relieve of HR department through lessened effort of data administration
  • Simplified process for employees
  • Time-wise and location-independent filing of A1-form
  • Mobile access to request form in real time
  • Cost reduction through a streamlined process

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