News from our A1 Self Service App

Die A1 Self-Service App

After a long time, there is news from one of our most innovative self-service apps!

Since we have been an SAP Build Partner since January, we can publish apps in the SAP App Center. We used that right away and published our innovative A1 self-service app there. You can find them under the following link:—a1-form-self-service#!overview

What can our A1 self-service app do?

The self-service app for the A1 form allows your employees to enter all relevant data for foreign assignments in self-service via the smartphone – quickly, flexibly in terms of time and with little effort. The A1 form is then generated automatically without any further stress and can be made available to the employee.

You can find more details about our A1 self-service app in our app portfolio.

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