Holiday Planning App

You are using SAP HR Self-Services and want an application that helps you to plan your holiday in your company?

Do you need an overview of the vacation requests of all employees and possible collisions?

The SAP HR experts at ROOS have developed a self-service solution that gives every manager an overview of his employees' annual leave planning and can process them in one application.

Your employees will be informed about the start of the vacation planning at the time you want and can easily enter vacation requests in the self-service app.

Once vacation planning is completed by an employee, the manager is able to see all his employee's vacation applications. Overlaps and shifting possibilities are visible at a glance.

The manager can approve or reject requests directly in the application. It is also possible for the manager to suggest an alternative period directly to the employee with the possibility of giving a note.

The results are displayed to the employees in your app. For rejected applications, a new application for an alternative period can be made.

A little insight into the Holiday Planner App


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